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I use this journal for reading list purposes only; entries are crossposted for the convenience of my friends who haven't switched to Dreamwidth, but commenting here is disabled. If you have a Dreamwidth account, consider friending me over there instead. If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, I'll be keeping an updated list of invite codes here.

If you're here for fic, that can all be found either at the Archive of Our Own or here on LJ @ hectorfic

Jul. 18th, 2011

Hello friends! I am officially retiring this DW/LJ and shifting to a new name ([personal profile] fifteendozentimes/15dozentimes), so if you notice either of those names friending you it's because I'm shifting my dwircle/flist over. You are welcome to take this as a defriending amnesty (although you should also know I am in a state of permanent defriending amnesty, I don't keep track at all of who has me friended), I promise I won't be offended even if I notice who hasn't friended the new names.

Also when I say I am moving I mostly mean I don't want to have to check two flists or keep logging in & out, you shouldn't take this as a sign that I am going to shift back to using LJ/DW more often. As always, your best bet for keeping up with me fannishly is [twitter.com profile] 15dozentimes and/or [tumblr.com profile] 15dozentimes

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soooo this is not a post that i really relish making

I think probably most of you know [profile] mayqueen517 and I have been dating (and some of you know the whoooole involved history) and, uh, that is...not the case, anymore.

It's not...it's amicable, we're still friends (the official agreement was "you work on your stuff, i'll work on mine, we'll probably be awkward for a while but then we can be best bros?"), so yeah. If you have seen me be a little erratic and weird for the past couple days NOW YOU KNOW WHY.
I am running an Ian Crawford commentfic fest! You should all go play in it.

(there is also a LiveJournal simulcast, for people who don't want to play on Dreamwidth)

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Yoinked from akire_yta

Give me a title and a cast (up to five people) and I will give you the movie synopsis (and if you're really lucky, a poster)

for purposes of this meme feel free to assume any and all band people are potential actors.

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what you all should do right now is give me some empires-y prompts that i could theoretically squeeze 10k words out of

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My awesome girlfriend, mayqueen517 is going through a really shitty time right now, money-wise. Her wonderful dog, Molly, who is the sweetest giant baby ever, tore a ligament in her knee and needs expensive surgery so she won't be suffering.

To help with the cost, she's offering fic, mixes, and/or handmade earrings in exchange for donations. Her fic is awesome (and she can do wonderful, coherent things with prompts like "WEDDINGS AND BABIES AND FLUFF GIMME"), her mixes are a delight, and her earrings are fucking fantastic - well-made enough to stand up to long nights of my ridiculous drunken club dancing, and so pretty I always get compliments on them.

Plus, even if everything she made/wrote was crap, you'd be helping a truly wonderful person get through a truly rough time. And as a bonus, I'll write a ficlet for anyone on my flist who donates (just comment here to let me know). So please consider giving.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled radio silence broken up by occasional memes.

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Answers from the 15 character meme. I meant to do this before I left for Hell weekend (I will probably tell the story later) but I didn't I HOPE THE SUSPENSE DIDN'T KILL YOU.

Chrissy's QuestionsCollapse )

akire_yta's questionsCollapse )

trcunning's questionsCollapse )

la_disonnance's questionsCollapse )

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Jun. 15th, 2011

Bored and blocked, which means meme time.

15 characters meme! I have a super secret list of fifteen characters. Ask me about them and their relationships and their adventures and whatever (tell me about 15's favorite birthday, what is 1's dearest wish, 7 and 11's last kiss, etc. you know the drill by now), and I will tell you!

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Jun. 11th, 2011

my eardrum burst, i have a migraine and a sore throat, and i can't stop coughing long enough to sleep

i say this every tine i get sick but you should rec me (write me???) some fluffy h/c while i'm suffering

and if you haven't yet go read my big bang fic so at least my ego will be healthy ;)

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